There was a time when I was very excited about the mobile number portability. Those were the days when most of us were slaves to Safaricom and then the salvation came in the name of Airtel. Since then the dynamics changed and now no much sike for  MNP.

I know many people in the industry expect the move to eliminate multiple SIM card holding but  I have a feeling it might not happen like that. In the long run probably yes.  At the moment the mobile network operators have problems due to dip in revenues following reduction in calling rates but the consumers are just fine.

The number one reason why most people would have wanted to port their numbers is the difference in calling rates.  The current calling/sms rates in the market by different network operators are almost uniform, and that means something else has to come to play.  May be the quality of services  by each network operator or the other value addition services like mobile money.

And talking about quality of services, almost all the mobile phone operators in Kenya are down…bure kabisa.  Safaricom  for example has been delivering smses after two days. Since the upgrade of their system almost a month ago, nothing has been working smoothly. Ranging from SMS delivery after two days including twitter sms to frequent MPesa experiencing delays to not being able to topup through MPesa.

Orange internet on the other hand is like a snail crawling on the park. The thing is damn slow. Seriously I thought we have fiber optic cables in this country connecting us to the internet super highway!  And they call it 3G+… smh.

Then there is the Airtel , with their never ending promise of launching 3G in the next Quarter.  It started with promise of launching the 3G network before the end of the year last year, and then they move to first quarter of 2011, now it is 2nd quarter of 2011…jeez.   Let me ask one  stupid question like those of Kenyan tv stations , do you believe Kenya will achieve vision 2030 before Airtel launched their 3G network?  What a waste!

By the way the starting date for the mobile number portability in Kenya is 1st April 2011…put it in your diary. Thanks